Testing Tips

A few tips to save you both time & money

By reading through the information here there is much you can do for yourself to save both hard earned cash and unnecessary trips back to the garage

You will be surprised at just how many drivers turn up with simple things like lights not working, wiper blades worn out and even washer bottles that are left empty!

Check your oil level

Petrol & especially diesels. The test requires hard revving of the engine to check the emissions and if it's too low or too high it could cause damage to the engine


One of the most common failures and one of the simplest to put right. The council regulations are that there must be a minimum of 2mm of tread across the whole tread and not 1.6mm as required by the law (this includes the spare)

Always check your tyre pressures before a test (again including the spare)


Another very common area of failure but very simple to put right.
Headlights - if you have replaced a bulb is it fitted correctly and is the headlamp refitted securely.
If a headlight bulb is fitted incorrectly it will effect the beam pattern

Spare Wheel, Wheel Brace & Jack

Must be present and indelibly marked with the car registration number


Must be secure with wires clipped away neatly


Must have current certificate of conformity from approved garage. See Contacts

Tints to windows / screen

Go to Guidance Notes

Please remove excess luggage from boot to allow easy access to spare wheel and jack. Again to save time it helps if you could place the Fire Extinguisher & First Aid Kit on the passenger front seat


It has never happened in all the time we have been carrying out these tests and we always go out of our way to explain why any item has failed. However if you are still unhappy - Who you get in touch with will depend on which section of the test an item has failed on

MOT section of the test

Complete a form VT17 (supplied by us) and return it to VOSA within 14 days. Their enquiry line is: 0300 123 9000.

Supplementary Test

Contact the council within 14 days. Solihull Licensing Dept can be contacted on: 0121 704 6830

Do not carry out work on the vehicle before any inspections have taken place.