Manufacturers Service

Fed up with dealer prices?

As a small, well organised independent garage, we do not incur the same costs that a main dealer is forced to pass on. Genuine savings of between 30% to 40% can be made on both service and labour costs without it affecting your warranty!

Why should the dealer honour their warranty?

They are required to by law - In October 2003 European Union legislation* came into force allowing cars to be serviced at garages other than the main dealer. Providing:

Manufacturers Service Schedules

We use the industries leading publisher of technical information - Autodata. The process of finding the exact service schedule for your car can be as detailed as having to look up its engine code!

To view a typical copy of Manufacturers Service check sheet [CLICK HERE]

Parts of the correct quality

We are happy to supply either genuine parts from the main dealer or parts that meet the same quality as laid out in the legislation (a very cost effective alternative)
You tell us!


All we need is your vehicle details (mainly registration number) and mileage and we will be able to work out a price that we know you will be happy with.

Will it affect my resale value?

With plummeting resale values the only thing you maintain with a manufacturers service history is large service costs. Remember

  1. The warranty is unaffected
  2. The vehicle has been serviced to the manufacturers specifications
  3. Your service book will be stamped in the same way
  4. We keep a record of your service history on our computer - If you would like a free copy when you come to sell your vehicle then please give us a ring

*Exemption regulations 1400/2002

For further information go to the government web site: