Clutch Kits


FREE clutch check while-u-wait

If you are having problems with your clutch we would be happy to check it out for you without obligation.

All fitted with a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee.

There are many clutch manufactures on the market but they are certainly not all made to the same quality. Our experience has led us is to fitting just 3 different brands, all of which come with the highest level of warranty on the market.

Does not include taxis, driving schools and commercial vehicles (Terms & conditions available on request)

Dual mass flywheels

This is a modern flywheel designed to dampen out engine vibration and noise being transmitted to the gearbox and ultimately the car. The unit is split into two sections: a primary section that bolts to the crankshaft, and a secondary section, onto which the clutch is bolted. Between the two there is a flexible bonding, generally rubber.

Sometimes that flexible bonding can deteriorate causing clutch or vibration problems. Unfortunately if they do start to fail they can be expensive as generally they are only available from the main dealer.

However some manufacturers have started to develop solid flywheel replacements which can be a cost effective alterative. If it is available on your model we will give you the options and then you can decide.