Colin puts on a new cap - MOT bay installation engineer

July 2010

We've been carrying out class 4 (car) MOTs here for years but now we've added another 2 classes - 5L & 7 . That means we can now test minibuses, large panel vans and motor caravans as well

It's taken a great deal of effort but we've installed a brand new MOT bay alongside our existing Class 4 MOT test lane. To keep costs down we did all the work ourselves which was a little bit out of our comfort zone to say the least. For instance it required cutting up the old floor using a diamond tipped saw and then digging it out using a JCB which was the very first time we had driven one. Within 10 minutes the MOT brake testing gauges had been knocked down and were lying on the floor! Much to everybody's amusement.

6 Months of Graft

As you can see, the changes were messy and required a lot of building work, knocking down walls, moving lifts, erecting concrete shuttering and the best one measuring & rechecking the measurements over and over again as we were completely paranoid the equipment wouldn't fit when it was delivered.

Also a section of external wall had to be knocked down as the larger Class 7 vehicles require a larger roller shutter door to get them in. This raised a few problems of its own as the workshop was open at night. This required large steel panels to be erected over night but then taken down each morning to keep the building secure.

Second Phase

When the new ATL class 7 test lane was up and running we started phase 2 and pulled out the class 4 bay moving it closer to the new bay. Finally all that was left was to replace our 3 2 post ramps with 5 brand new American Rotary lifts - not much really!

All this whilst still keeping the business open to the public and not closing down the MOT side of the garage for one day. Interesting times but looking it gave us a great deal of satisfaction when it was all up & running

And yes the equipment did fit 1st time!

4 Testers, 2 MOT Bays - 20 Vehicles a day!

So with 2 MOT test lanes and 4 MOT Testers we now have much greater capacity - All within easy reach of Chelmsley Wood, Castle Bromwich, Solihull, Sheldon and Coleshill. We can carry out over 20 tests a day, so you should never have to wait too long for an appointment and if you have a fleet of cars and vans or minibuses, we can provide all the MOT testing and servicing facilities you need under one roof - Exactly why we did it in the first place!

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