Laser Technology

July 2010

Wonderful things lasers and they appear in all sorts of places these days. At the supermarket checkout, eye surgery and now at Kingshurst Automotive. But it's not technology just for the sake of it. With the speed and accuracy of our new laser based 4 wheel alignment system we can actually save you money.

The UK's roads and many roads around Chelmsley Wood and Solihull are full of speed ramps, bumps, and potholes and it doesn't take much to knock a wheel out of alignment. Even just bumping your front wheels up a kerb can knock their alignment out by a couple of millimetres which will reduce the life of the vehicle's tyres and increase your cars fuel consumption

If you have problems with the steering wheel vibrating at certain speeds, the car pulling to one side or do you have to constantly move your steering wheel one way or the other to keep your car travelling in a straight line? Many handling problems can be corrected by Laser Wheel Alignment.

Reduced tyre Wear

Improper alignment is the biggest cause of premature tyre wear. Over the years, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tyre life and save money in many other ways as it puts less strain on shock absorbers and suspension systems.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

It makes sense that fuel consumption increases as rolling resistance goes up. Laser alignment sets all four wheel parallel which, along with proper inflation, significantly minimizes rolling resistance.

This all sounds a little technical but don't worry to correct it is not expensive with costs from, just £29.95 for 2 wheel alignment or £49.95 for 4 wheel alignment and it doesn't take long to sort out either. It can all be done while you are having a cup of coffee in our waiting room!