Motor Industry Code of Practice

Ford Servicing & Repair

We work hard to make sure we have the resources in place so that our customers experience stands out from our competitors. We believe these are:

Customer Service

The importance of customer service is one of those things that everybody regurgitates or cuts and pastes from other web sites - We don't. If you want to see a true picture of what our customers think about us then click on the Motor Industry Code of Practice link.

Product Knowledge

Ford vehicles are full of technology and to understand them properly you need training and information. As an Ford Authorised Repairer we have both:


2 mechanics qualified to Ford technician level


Web based online technical information (updated daily) includes:


We have all the tooling required of an official Authorised Repairer:

Ford IDS

A dedicated lap top (see above) that communicates with the engine management system for:

Fault finding, switching off service lights, coding of new components, software updates ...

Special Tools

Over 250 Ford specific hand tools



We have Fords online parts catalogue


Most parts available within 20mins from one of Fords UK main distribution points.


An often forgotten item but using the wrong oils will invalidate your warranty. We keep the exact grades required by Ford in stock